An Exciting New Book

After reading this book our intent is that you would gain hope and give hope to others.





“Everyone needs hope; it is God’s promise. He gives it to us in scripture in many ways, telling us even when things are difficult, there is hope, the light at the end of the tunnel. Arnold Allen understands how the hope of Christ works in your life. This book will take you through the steps, stages, and seasons of life and show you how you can live with hope in every trial and every victory.”

Loren Cunningham

Founder, Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

“In his book, Authentic Hope, Arnold J. Allen beautifully and thoughtfully makes the case for the essential nature of hope. He leaves no stone un-turned as he navigates the reader through scripture to reveal hope’s power to transform every aspect of life. To read Authentic Hope is to become convinced that hope is not only the message for this season, but the message for all time.”

David Crone

Senior Leader, The Mission, Vacaville, CA

“Thanks for tackling a needed subject to explore. I love the interaction of spirit to spirit and spirit to environment. I had fun with the reading of this. It’s a spirit inspiring chapter.  Hope not deferred,”

Rob Mazza

Destiny Workships

“For many years the church has not excelled in teaching the difference between faith and hope. The concept of biblical hope has not often been preached from our pulpits. As a result there has been confusion about this issue. Many generations of Christians have not learned to live life out of a sense of biblical hope. This book clarifies the concept of hope and how to live life with that concept as a central facet of one’s life.

It teaches how to live in hope even in the face of negative and challenging life events. The author is an engaging writer. He incorporates a solid understanding of scripture along with many real life examples and stories. The stories help the reader to apply the concepts taught in the book. I recommend this book to all people who want a better understanding of how to live in hope.”

Catherine Skillin, PsyD, RP, RMFT

Major, The Salvation Army, Director of Counseling Services

“As Arnold explains very clearly, hope is not second class It is not a weak version of faith. For me, some of Arnold’s most clarifying statements include these: “Hope, by design, moves toward a given destination.” “Hope has the power to change our lives.” “Authentic, spiritual hope is a dynamic part of the living, innate energy harnessing the physical, mental and emotional elements of our nature as we move into the unfolding future.”
It was not until I read over half way through Arnold’s insightful book that I realized how limited my understanding of hope had been. Gradually, then suddenly, I found myself embracing hope. Allowing hope to explode in me. Allowing hope to produce its work: to carry me, to heal me, to empower me. I realized how I am created by God to ride hope into the future. Then and only then will hope open doors before me. Then and only then will I catch the hope-filled wind that blows from God’s throne room 24 hours a day, everyday.”

Harold Eberle

Worldcast Ministries, Yakima, Washington

“I have always been comforted and encouraged by the scripture Arnold Allen has used to set the stage for his book: Authentic Hope. (Genesis 9:13) As we look about us today, we can clearly see the fading hope of millions. Reading Arnold’s book has stirred my heart to look carefully to that which I base my hope on for the future. It cannot be the Rainbow itself, it must be the Source of the Rainbow, Jesus Christ. God clearly had the desire to instill hope in Noah and the future of the ages to come. Arnold, you have given us such a good and clear picture of not only the need for Hope in these days, but helped me to see again how very important this whole subject is. Reading this passage in Genesis 9:13 brings together even more clearly the message you have brought to us in this book.”

Lorrie White

Grove, B.C., Canada (Widow of Dr. John White)

“Hope is not a positive attitude or wishful thinking. Hope is a reality. Most of the time our culture devalues hope and down plays it to wishing. Arnold helps put hope back in its rightful place so it awakens hearts to the goodness of God. This book provides a needed focus on a vital topic.”

Eric Reeder

RISEmovement: a global movement of hope

“Hope gives peace and joy. Arnold’s book is a shining example of how hope can transform a person’s life.”

Kathryn Parslow, PhD., Washington State

“Hope is not a well understood concept; probably neglected by theologians over generations. Hope, relational hope, is truly God’s idea, and is provided to us to help us focus on our future and eternal hope. Author Arnold Allen has gone beyond just simple theology, writing in depth on the importance of biblical hope and its practical application for our health and healing. My hope, true expectation, is that the reader of this excellently written work will experience greater hope in all God has affirmed to us as believers in His word.”

Stan E. DeKoven, Ph.D., MFT

Founder and President, Vision International University and International Training and Education Network

“Although I have read many books on the topic of HOPE and have had many interesting discussions with many HOPE experts I found gems in this book that I have found nowhere
else. Arnold writes in a way that the reader wants to keep on reading—he is a master storyteller and his stories anchor his research and his experiences. Linking Hope to intuition,
emotion, the intellect, creativity and energy just opens up a new understanding of this elusive concept. Unpacking Hope as a mind and heart process and state was indeed revealing—
Arnold’s approach is fresh and original. I loved reading this book and I recommend it strongly to everyone ——and I mean everyone. We cannot live without this kind of Hope.
Dr. Kobus Neethling, President, South African Creativity Foundation, Author of over 90 international best sellers. Creator of over 25 Neethling Brain Instruments. The content of the book is fantastic and much needed.”

Dr. Kobus Neethling

Pretoria, South Africa, Kobus Neethling