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What People Are Saying…

Don’t just take it from us, let these people do the talking!

Reader's quote

“This book is born out of Arnold’s passion for people to understand, live and give hope to others. The relational aspects of hope he writes about are based in his values of relationship to God, the source of hope, and community with others. The stories in this book are true life journeys of hope, faith and love. This book expanded my understanding of hope in the body, soul, and spirit. Hope is alive and is an emanating essence of a living Person. Of the hundreds of books I have read, this book is unlike any other book. It has completely expanded my understanding of the substance of hope. I discovered that hope is a living energy. I experienced encouragement and refreshing as I digested this book of insight and power. I relate to the many personal stories and found the content written with insight and relevance.”

Another reader's quote

“I am only half way through but already compelled to leave a review. This book reads easily while delivering deep truths about what Authentic Hope really is and that it is actually a substance that resides at the core of every human being. I recommend reading this book if you would like Authentic Hope to be awakened in you too!”

Another reader's quote

“Arnold has done the impossible. He has taken a word we could all define in our own ways and transformed it masterfully into a substance we can use in any situation. His book has transformed my idea of how hope can be brought into any and every situation of life. In all my years of research and study I have never found such an original resource as “Authentic Hope”. I am not exaggerating when I say every person on this planet needs to grab a copy of this book and ingest it’s contents until you too can bring Hope into whatever circumstance you face. He has covered hope as a stand alone subject. Hope has NOW been separated from any other subject. I have read resources covering subjects such as love, fear, faith, compassion, grief etc. but I have never read the subject of hope so thoroughly and brilliantly explored as what I found in these pages. If I could give it 10 stars it still would not come close to encapsulating the content and thrust contained in this Life-long work. I sense he has shared with us what he has personally waded through himself. My only prayer is Arnold has another Masterpiece to share with us because the wisdom contained in this book, as a first for him, indicates there is more of his brilliance that needs worldwide exposure….at least that’s my “Hope”.”

Reader's quote...

“Hi Arnold! I haven’t finished your book yet, and I Likely never will. When I read a book I start sometimes in the middle or on what ever chapter that sparks in me. I’ve read a few chapters in the middle and I know I will read the end and the beginning as well. Then I will read it from the back to the front. Front to the back, and every which way in between. I love this book and have already written notes along the sides of pages and in the center of pages. THANK YOU for making extra space between lines!!!! I am so excited to tell over 1200 people in the Holy Yoga FB group I am part of to PLEASE use this book as a study in the classes they teach! Brenda B. 3/24/16”

Another quote...

“Hi Arnold, just a quick note to let you know how much I’m enjoying your book. It’s tremendous. Am reading the “Breath” chapter again before continuing to the rest. I find I’m meditating a lot on the various passages. Very helpful. God bless you richly. You and Carol are in our prayers. Lots of love from both of us to both of you!” Grace W. 4/17/16

Another reader's quote...

“This is a wonderful and much needed book! It gives one a much larger picture on hope. This is a must read for very pastor. I ordered two extra to loan out!” Helen C. 3/14/16