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Welcome to Increase Hope Ministries

We are so glad you have made it to this web site. Our goal and mission focus as an organization is quite clear and apparent. We want see HOPE INCREASED in the life of believers, leaders, and the world as a whole. Authentic Hope is powerful and transforming. Our lifelong work has been to impart real hope and real revelation of hope to others.
-Arnold & Carol Allen

What We Do

authentichope_webWe Have a Book…We Invite You to Read it!
We have published a book that captures our heart and a beautiful revelation of HOPE that could transform your life.
*If you have purchased the book and are looking for the Book Resources that will help you process the chapters, click here.
Seminars and Workshops
We have conducted seminars, courses, and workshops worldwide on marriage, HOPE and many other topics. We are now offering a special seminar in conjunction with the book, Authentic Hope.
Biblical & Vocational Counseling
Arnold J Allen, MC, LHMC is a licensed Mental Heath Counselor in Washington state. He offers one on one counseling, counseling for couples and families, and group therapy. He specializes in taking the research and methodologies of HOPE and applying them to work to help people succeed and thrive.
Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI)
Arnold and Carol Allen are both practitioners with Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI). They work with individuals to help them understand their personality, their brain make-up and how to optimize their strengths for productivity, success and life fulfillment.